Boxing Electronic(Enping) Co., Ltd

Boxing Electronic(Enping) Co., Ltd

is engaged in professional audio equipment development, production and sales of industrial companies.

The company has strong strength of a group of hardware / software development and design team,

the field of longtermcommitment to research and development of professional microphones,

professional production of the wireless conference microphone,wireless conference system,wireless conference microphone, wireless microphone.

Company production base is located in Enping,a collection of excellent management team, the introduction of advanced management concepts,

developed a uniquecorporate culture and scientific management.

The new century, Boxing company will provide advanced technology, quality products andsatisfactory service,

providing customers with excellent business platform.For the market demand for services, and create space for development!

Fair Price

Has been to uphold the excellent quality of electronic products

10 million times to repeat, we guarantee the quality has always been the same

High Quality

From design to R & D production, from parts to finished assembly

Round after round process, each quality control point, we strictly

24-hour after-sales

Professional caring after-sales team, so you worry-free sale

Wholeheartedly to provide you with the best quality and service

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